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Our Company

AVS Digital Lifestyle is a locally owned and operated audio, video and security installation firm. We specialize in high-performance home media rooms and theater systems, security systems and monitoring, access control, networking, and automation solutions for both residential and commercial applications.  


We install a variety of systems in existing homes as well as new construction.  We can pre-wire or retrofit your home or business for surveillance, telephone, data, catv, audio, video, low voltage lighting, and more.  We can bring all the latest technology to your home theater, commercial or residential audio, video, and security system to anyone with just about any budget.  If you’re building a home, we can work with your builder to ensure a proper design, output and maximize efficiency.  

We also offer a wide range of business solutions for all of your technology needs such as  surveillance systems, phone systems, and A/V systems, just to name a few.  We want to be part of making your project as successful as it can be by providing affordable and reliable solutions that are designed around your specific needs and budget.
Alex De La Cruz

Over the past 6 years, Alex has accumulated extensive experience in residential and commercial audio, video, and security applications and solutions. When his projects are completed, they are technologically precise and a true reflection of the pride in workmanship that he provides to each of our customers.  Many of our customers state that their expectations were exceeded in terms of delivery time and customization, which is the highest compliment a professional wants to hear.  These are values that Alex personally upholds, as well as everyone employed at AVS.  


"Every job, small or large, is a privilege. As always, we appreciate the opportunity for your business."

                                                               -Alex De La Cruz

“To provide outstanding professional and value based services to all of our clients no matter budget.  It starts with our exceptional quality customer service and understanding our clients' needs.  It never ends..."


Alex De La Cruz, Principal Owner

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